SINGAPORE RING 115 - June 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Josh


Announcement was made of the forthcoming AMA/FISM Asia Championship of Magic in South Korea. Representatives of Yellow Ribbon Run 2014 were present to present and invite us to participate in the Run in September this year. They also presented a token of appreciation to President John Teo for our participation in their Run last year.


One of the 2 hosts for the evening, Enrico Varella, gave a short talk on auctioning of magical items. After this, the other host, Victor Heng, officially kicked off the auction, with Kenneth Chia handling the administrative side of it. All items offered for auction, such as DVDs, books and tricks, were taken up by members.


After a break with snacks and coffee, program for the second half of the evening began.


Curtis Choy took his Induction Test. His repertoire included wand to flower in pot, multiple colour changing bag, and the summation of 4 random numbers that turned out to indicate the date for the evening.


Guest Rupa Jr performed an invisible card routine in which the imaginary “selected” card matched a physical card placed under his mobile phone. Lim Teck Guan could tell which number was chosen from one of his several number cards.


Betsy Teo visually transformed a small pau into a cup cake, an item she purchased at the recent Magic Warehouse convention. Tommy Chiang did a comedy routine with a set of mini liking rings with a helper.


Tan Choon Kang performed 4 coins across from hand to hand without using any coin gimmick. Curtis Choy, an expert in origami, returned to the floor with an interesting origami paper tube that could be transformed both ways.


Although the evening was themed “Auction Night”, members got to enjoy some performances as well.