SINGAPORE RING 115 - April 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Low Hwee Lang

37 members and 6 guests – Massimo Sacco (Italian magic hobbyist), Lenny Lee (NSF), Calvin Teo (professional magician and Bernard’s guest), Ervinn Siew (busker from Malaysia and Derek’s guest), Billy Scadlock (performer at Universal Studio) and Chin Wei Choung (ex-member) – attended the evening’s programme hosted by Ashish Lodhavia and Derek Lee.


The following announcements were made:

- 17 & 18 May 2014: IBM Ring 115 retreat at Kukup at $85 per person. The price includes meals, accommodation and transport.

- 7 & 8 June 2014: a magic convention co-organised by Lawrence and Priscilla Khong and Jeremy Pei. Early bird tickets can be purchased from Jeremy Pei at $65 each. The convention will include gala shows, lectures, dealers and an auction.


The evening’s theme was Sucker Effects.

Baharudin opened the evening’s magic performances with a Coke and Sprite can transposition effect in which the audience could sample both drinks before and after they changed positions. He next got a guest to select a card from a deck, and kept it out of view. Using his mobile phone, the guest snapped a photo of the performer. When the photo was retrieved, it displayed an image of Baharudin with the name of the selected card flashed across the picture!


Chew Liang Huat pulled out a CD from a seemingly empty holder. Tommy Chiang held 5 blank cards, then allowed the audience a sneak peek which revealed that one of the cards had become an Ace. When he finally showed his hand, they had all magically changed into the Royal Flush! Next, he got a spectator to select a card from 3 different ones. He selected a red Queen and turned it face-down, as instructed. When it was turned over again, it had become a card with texts on it.

Lee Choong Jee got a spectator to select a random card and note it down on a piece of paper while he himself attempted to read the spectator’s mind and wrote its name on another piece of paper. Both turned out to be a perfect


Jasper Lee demonstrated that the hand could be quicker than the eye with a simple experiment. He placed a $50 note on the table and got a guest to place a hand about 30 cm above it. He himself placed a hand above that hand. When the cue was given, Jasper was still able to grab the note faster than the guest even though the guest’s hand was closer to it!

Charles Choo showed he could read his guest‘s mind by producing a card with the same suit and number as the one which his guest had randomly selected.


Massimo Sacco invited 4 guests to join him on the floor. Each guest was given 4 different cards, told to mix them up, and then to tear through the middle of the pile. Each guest then took one piece of the torn half cards and kept it aside. For the remaining torn pieces, each guest was to throw a piece, keep a piece and repeat the actions until the last piece remained. When the piece kept aside earlier was placed next to it, they amazingly form a complete card…for each of the 4 guests! This was “Lucky In Love” effect by Woody Aragon.


Jeremy Pei presented items from his dealer booth. They included billiard balls, mask with movable jaws, untearable paper squares, and a packet trick involving male and female joker cards (Joker’s Love) which ended up as one card with the two jokers together as a family, and a spelling/matching card trick. A very limited number of surprise bags with several mystery magic items were also up for grabs at $20 each on a first come-first served basis.




After the break, Douglas Lee took the induction test. His repertoire consisted of any card at any number (Mike Kirby’s “X-act”), borrowed coin in a nest of wallets with a twist, fork bending and matching pairs with a deck of cards.

Hayashi Takuya demonstrated magic in gambling when he got a guest to hold a Jack and a ‘6’ in his closed palm and he held an Ace in his own. When both palms were opened up, the cards in the guest’s hand had switched places with the only card in Takuya’s!


John Teo showed that there is a mysterious connection between numbers and everyday things. He displayed an album of 52 pictures of different everything items, each associated with a number. A spectator chose a playing card at random. John divined a number from the card. When checked against the picture in the album, he could name the chosen card. This was repeated, this time with the spectator choosing a random card and naming his own random number! He followed this with a special card depicting an all-seeing eye, with a hole through the iris. When a spectator looked through this card, he could name a playing card chosen by another spectator!


With a packet of 16 red-back cards, JK Tan got a guest to think of a number and select a card. JK not only told what number was chosen by the guest, he also found the chosen card, and it turned out to be the only card with a blue back!


Jeremy Pei performed a linking ring routine with 5 small black metal rings. Next, he got a guest to select a card and then lost it in the deck. He took a photo of the guest with the deck of cards, but the image showed him with the

name of the chosen card featuring prominently in the deck! He then presented a children’s effect involving 3 wooden cats and a wooden top hat.


This was followed by Hippity Hop Rabbits – a sucker effect. His last item was an improved version of Cube-A-Libre with a transparent covering.  The evening ended with an exciting auction of the wooden cats trick and Hippity Hop Rabbit set.