SINGAPORE RING 115 - Feb 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

The February meeting scheduled on the 15th was changed to 12th February so that we could still be within the 15 days of the Lunar New Year celebration. The venue was the Emerald Function Room of the Bayview Hotel.

Altogether, there were 32 attendees, including a patron, 4 associate members, and 4 guests. The guests were Thomas Chan and Darren Tang from KL, Malaysia, Elio   Simonetti from Australia, and Willie Lee who also signed up the application form that evening.

The first program of the evening was the conduct of the 63rd AGM. This was a non-election AGM, but there were several queries on the financial report, which were promptly explained by various members of the management committee.

Just before the break, Jeremy Pei did a dealer’s demonstration. Among the items performed were Whit Haydn’s 4-rings linking rings routine, Devin Knight’s Baby Gag, wiregram, and Di Fatta’s linking rings for close-up performance.

At the break, members congregated on 3 tables of Yu Sheng to celebrate the lunar new year. The usual food and coffee and tea were also available. Members fellowshipped with one another as well as patronised Jeremy Pei’s magic booth.

After the break, JK Tan performed the induction ceremony on Tan Wen Zhang. Magic performances continued with Baharudin. His repertoire included signed coin in potato chips container, Cube A Libre, and a Russian Roulette routine using large industrial staplers.

Hayashi Takuya predicted the sum total of 3 random numbers thought by 3 spectators.

John Teo showed that he was correct when he warned a spectator not to choose that particular number from a small envelope. He continued with an experiment in which the movie he picked from 5 others should match the name of the actor the spectator chose from among 5 other actors, but he picked Collateral Damage while the spectator selected Daniel Craig. However, the prediction proved correct as it showed the movie poster of   Collateral Damage but starring 007 Daniel Craig instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Continuing with the movie theme, he demonstratd the eerie phenomenon of the 23 enigma based on the movie “The Number 13” starring Jim Carrey. 3 randomly selected playing cards with different numbers written on their backs turned out to be all connected to the number “23”!

Jeremy Pei concluded the evening’s performance with his own created routine of (sponge) balls and jumbo (walnut) shell.

The evening ended with lucky draw of 9 special 3D playing cards contributed by our Honorary Member S T Tang.