SINGAPORE RING 115 - Nov 2013 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

This annual event was held on the evening of Saturday, 16 December 2013 at Roland Restaurant at Marine Parade Central.


The attendance was 116 and they comprised members, their friends and families, our patrons, representatives of the Singapore Association of Magicians, and the wife of our late The Great Wong. Everyone who attended received a neck cushion as the door gift by courtesy of our patron Gician Tan.


Early arrivals were treated to table hopping magic performed by Enrico Varella, Maxwell Low, Joseph Loh, Donovan Tan and Jimmy Lee, among others.


Our President John Teo welcomed everybody and presented tokens and awards to the Management Committee, patrons and the 5 most active members: Jeremy Pei, Hayashi, Lim Teck Guan, Chew Liang Huat and Maxwell Low.


Dinner was an 8-course Chinese dinner. After the meal, the chairs were rearranged in theatre-style for the stage magic show.


The first performer was Pambudi who did a comedy card prediction and recovered a burnt borrowed note inside a freely chosen orange! This was followed by a colourful oriental act performed by Adeline Ng who donned a beautiful cheongsam. Her repertoire consisted of T & R newspapers, silk, cage and oranges production from an oriental type Kuma Tubes, culminating to the production of a container of wine that proved too large for the Tubes where it came from! Jonathan Tan did miser’s dream, “Whack Your Pack”

with a spectator, and found a signed card by stabbing a deck of cards with a knife, and producing a shot glass as a climax. Joseph Then brought the entire house down with laughter as he performed a ventriloquism act with his Chinese dummy named Wong Fei Fei! The final act was from Jeremy Tan who did card manipulations, shooting fountain of cards, and he closed with an inspiring patter about life as he performed Hindu Sands, which he called “Sands Of Life”.


15 diners were the happy recipients of lucky draw, including the top prize of a professional digital camera.


It was an enjoyable evening of food, fun, fellowshipping and magic!