SINGAPORE RING 115 - Sep 2013 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

Our long-time friend, Shaun Yee and his wife Anna from Italy, were making their annual visit to Malaysia and wished to stop by Singapore to give us a mini lecture cum dealer’s demonstration.  So we moved our meeting date forward from 15th to 12th September 2013 to accommodate their visit.

Shaun’s session was to occupy only the first half of the meeting, leaving the second half for our members to perform Parlour Magic, the theme for September.  However, his lecture and demo were so interesting that we decided to let Shaun continue for the rest of the evening.  The evening attracted a total of 32 people.

Shaun showed us 3 card tricks, using well-known principles to create interesting effects.  This in itself was a lesson in creative thinking.  Shaun also taught us several ring and rope moves, and demonstrated his method of card manipulation.

After the 15 minutes coffee and snack break, Shaun continued with demonstration of the many tricks that he brought along from his shop in Milan.  There were at least over 50 tricks displayed on the table, several were of his own originations, including pyrotechnic effects.  Shaun explained, and wherever possible, demonstrated each effect.  After the demonstration, brisk sales was observed at his table.


It was good to meet and learn from a successful old friend.