SINGAPORE RING 115 - Aug 2013 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

It was Auction Night at our August magic meeting.  This event attracted only 27 members, a much lower attendance than our usual 35 to 40 members.  However, it comprised several non-regular members, whom we were pleased to see.  Several of the members also brought along their own bags, obviously anticipating good bargains.

The co-ordinators and auctioneers for the evening were Bernard Sim and Kenneth Chia.  They started by making announcements about forth-coming events, including lectures by Lee Alex and Diego Minevitz.

There were about 6 people who brought items for auction.  The items included books, DVDs, videos and stage props such as Westgate Water Production and Mutilated Parasols.

Many members brought back items at bargain prices.  Many simply enjoyed seeing the wide range of magic paraphernalia, some of which were classic and collector’s items, being displayed at the auction table.  All of us enjoyed the shouting as members yelled out encouragement for one party to out-bid the other!

It was truly a fun evening for all, even though there were no magic performances.


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