SINGAPORE RING 115 - Jun 2013 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

This evening, 33 people were present at our monthly meeting.  Hosts, Derek Lee and Kenneth Chia, warmly welcomed 5 guests including Ng Kee Chee, son of The Great Wong, and Mrs Baharudin.  Following the round of introductions was a heart-warming video presentation on last year’s Yellow Ribbon Project (YRP) Run during which some IBM Ring 115 members played active roles to entertain the crowd with magic.  For this coming YRP Run scheduled on 15 September 2013, IBM members were once again invited to support this worthy cause.  Kenneth also announced the forth-coming lecture by Karl Hein to be held on 30 July 2013 and reminded those interested to sign up early.  Tickets were still available at $35 and $45 for members and non-members respectively.  The AMA Convention would be held in Macau in October this year.

Derek Lee kicked off the evening’s theme of rope and silk magic by getting a guest to tie a knot with a rope and placing the knot between the guest’s chosen card and another card in a deck.  In a moment, the knot disappeared only to magically re-appear in between the guest’s palms.  He also produced the guest’s chosen card, the King of Spades, which was earlier withheld from him!

Lee Choong Jee placed a normal piece of stick in a paper bag, and got 4 guests to break it in 4 different places through the bag.  He then tore open the bag and coolly revealed the stick, intact in its original form --- unbroken.

Bernard Sim conducted a brief teach-in with a length of rope, showing how it could be handled to create the effects of differing lengths.

Jeremy Pei showed how he could turn a teeny-weeny camera, placed on a card box, into a “full- fledged” one, complete with flash and zoom!  The photo taken with the camera showed a guest’s chosen card along with another which showed his teeth needed some attention!  Next, he got a guest to place a set of cards (with varied ESP symbols) face-down, one after the other until he decided to stop at his card of choice.  It turned out to be a circle, which matched the card Jeremy had earlier placed in a box and put aside.  Next, he got a guest to select a card as he riffled through a deck before him.  He then got a second guest to key in any 3-digit number in a “giant-sized” calculator, and other guests to perform multiplication and other operations to the number.  The outcome appeared to be a telephone number.  When the number was dialled, a voice at the end of the line said “Queen of Spades”, which turned out to be the guest’s chosen card!  Creepy…  He also demonstrated how he could pass a chopstick through a tubular balloon and still made a bunny out of it.  That’s right.  No holes!  Yet another balloon became indestructible with a tap from a magic wand and could allow a long needle to pass through it, turning it into a satay balloon, lantern balloon etc.  All the amazing magic items demonstrated were on sale at Jeremy Pei’s monthly booth including a ‘lights’ bag, quick-reset milk bottle, and tennis sponge balls.

After the break for refreshments, Tan Choon Kang took his Induction Test.  He amused the audience with his rubber bands act, linking and delinking through magical penetration.  He also effortlessly executed the ninja linking rings routine.

Hayashi Takuya drew on a card and put his prediction aside after signing on it.  He got his guest to form a shape with a length of rope on the table.  He then tried to draw the shape formed, on a different card before signing off.  When the prediction card was revealed, both cards showed the same picture – the shape formed by the guest with the rope!

Enrico Varella took 3 lengths of rope and performed the classic Professor’s Nightmare, in reverse!

Gician Tan also performed his unique version of the Professor’s Nightmare.

Palmudi, who would be based in Indonesia for work, was special performer for the night.  In his slow memory demo, he got 4 guests to stop him as he counted off a deck of cards.  They stopped him at 18, 35, 25 and 8 respectively where each chose a card.  He read their chosen cards – 9 of Diamonds, 8 of Spades, 6 of Spades and 3 of Diamonds - exactly!  He next got 4 guests to turn to any page of a book each had taken.  They had to remember the first word of the first line on that page.  He then rattled off a couple of sentences which incredibly included all of those words.  He also got a guest’s chosen page of a book right through his visual image of a building with the number 516.

With that, it was time for good bye and good night!

Reported by


(Ms) Low Hwee Lang