SINGAPORE RING 115 - July 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


Some key dates to mark in the diary: Members were reminded to lend their ‘magical’ support to this year’s Yellow Ribbon Run on 14 September 2014 at 7.30am. The next IBM Meeting cum magic lecture would be held on 18 August 2014. The Annual IBM Dinner 2014 would be held on 15 November 2014 at Roland Restaurant. Shoot Ogawa would be conducting a lecture on 24 July 2014 at Bayview Hotel.


Congratulations to Adeline Ng, Donovan Tan, Tommy Chiang and Jasper Lee! All of them had won awards at various internationally organised magic competitions. Well done!

It was time for some ‘Parlour Magic’, the theme for the evening. Joseph Loh opened the evening’s performance by displaying an orange inside a brown paper bag. A spectator shuffled some cards with names of different fruits and finally picked one of them facing down - apple. When the orange was retrieved from the paper bag, it had transformed into an apple, to match the selected card!

Maxwell Low laid out 10 random playing cards face-down on the table. A spectator chose 2 pairs and they were the only matching pairs when all the cards were flipped over!

Guest Samuel Boey, who hailed from Australia, did both a rope and ring routine as well as miser’s dream.

After a 15 minutes break with snacks and coffee, the meeting resumed with Satish Kumar presenting an interesting slide show on the history of magic. It was an eye opener for many of us to know that celebrities such as Mohammed Ali, Charles Dickens and Prince Charles were also magicians. The projector was provided by Baharudin.

John Teo was able to predict, in a comical manner, which of 5 beverages a spectator would choose. He was also able to discern whether a spectator told a lie of truth in his choice of 2 poker chips. Finally, he could tell which one of 5 chips was chosen by the spectator.

Billy Scadlock, currently performing at our local resorts, presented the rarely seen art of chapeaugraphy, where he used a felt ring and folded it into many types of hats while he related a story. This is similar to troublewit routine and was very much enjoyed by all.

Satish Kumar performed an interesting card effect where 2 spectators cut to a packet of cards each and were able to divine the card chosen by the other spectator.

Jeremy Pei concluded the evening with a dealer’s demonstration. Among the effects shown were Alan Wong’s Break-Away Flower, 4 Card WOW Change, Happy Birthday Visible Painting with a climax production of a jumbo 3-D paper birthday cake complete with an appearing candle, and his newest marketed invention “Now Boarding”.