SINGAPORE RING 115 - August 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

There were 20 guests who were here because we had arranged a lecture by Harapan Santoso Ong, a young magician whose Indonesian name, “Harapan” means “Hope”.  He had lectured in several countries in Europe and has recently published a booklet by Vanishing Inc entitled “Close Culls” as well a video called “Cullology”.

He shared his concept of the beauty of magic, drawing a parallel to beauty of mathematics as expounded by GH Hardy.  He elaborated that the beauty of magic performances lay with key considerations such as economy, unexpectedness, and inevitability.  He went on to illustrate what he meant with selected tricks.  He shared that he was inspired by the high standard of magic in some of the countries he visited.  An example was Spain where there appeared to be general public awareness and expectation of a high standard of magic.  He personally hoped to be the best that he could ever be, much like the protagonist ‘Ash Ketchum’ in the popular Pokemon anime.  He also hoped that Singapore’s magicians could work towards raising the bar for magic at the national level one day.  He is an excellent performer and created his own routines.  His lecture was well received, and both his books and lecture notes were snapped up by the attendees.

After the break, Thai magician, Pairuch T, who was here with his wife, demonstrated some of the effects invented and manufactured by him.  They included a paddle which operates on a new principle that allows for at least 3 changes.  There was also an interesting monkey bar, vampire in matchbox, production of a shot-glass and miniaturised wine bottle from a gentleman’s wallet, pen through bill, 5-in-1 voodoo trick, Bermuda Triangle, linking hand saw, and a new idea animated tie which he called “King Cobra”.  These were then sold at special discounts to Ring 115 members.

The meeting was adjourned at 10.30pm, but guests and our members stayed on to session with Harapan Ong.