SINGAPORE RING 115 - September 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Low Hwee Lang

It was “Bring a Guest” night hosted by Enrico Varella and Satish Kumar.  32 members and 12 guests who attended the meeting were treated to some exciting magic performances by some of our award winning members.

First in the line-up was Donovan Tan who produced ice from a flash of fire, transformed slips of paper into real dollar notes and ended his act with a demonstration of his card artistry.

Shawn Chua impressed the audience with his cylinders and coins trick, followed by some amazing rope effects – multiplying, changing lengths, melting together into one and finally, pulling a real one out from a blackboard.

Tommy Chiang drew laughter with his power ranger belt which could charge up his ring into a colour of his choice.  He also correctly predicted his guest’s card which was known only to her.

Jeremy Tan wowed the audience with his homing cards and cards to pocket tricks. He also read a guest’s mind correctly when he announced that she was thinking of the four letter word, LOVE.

After the break, Enrico Varella invited a guest to do as he did - shuffle a deck of cards and select a card.  Each then inserted the selected card randomly in the other person’s shuffled deck.  He found his guest’s card from his deck but as incredibly, his guest did too!

The meeting was adjourned following an evening of magical fun



Low Hwee Lang