SINGAPORE RING 115 – 64TH ANNVERSARY DINNER- Nov 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


This event was well attended by 117 people on the evening of 15 November 2014.  The venue was Roland Restaurant at Marine Parade Central.

Those who attended included our members, their friends and families, and our patrons Gician Tan, Fernando Ng and Jerry Lee.  Our guest-of-honour was the wife of our late The Great Wong.  Four representatives of the Singapore Association of Magicians were also present.  Everyone who attended received a nice log seat-cushion as the door gift by courtesy of our patron Gician Tan.

            Early arrivals were treated to table hopping magic performed by Ian Tan, Joseph Loh and Maxwell Low.  However, several other members also brought along tricks and entertained the guests at their tables.  This year, a handwriting analysis table was set up and manned by our Vice-President Enrico Varella.  It proved to be immensely popular.

President John Teo gave a welcome speech and presented tokens and awards to members of the Management Committee, patrons and the 5 most active members: Tommy Chiang, Jeremy Pei, Chew Liang Huat, Joseph Loh and Lim Teck Guan.

            Dinner was a sumptuous 8-course Chinese meal.  There was a table for our Muslim friends and vegetarians.  After the dinner, the chairs were rearranged in theatre-style for the stage magic show. 

The MC for the evening, Jeremy Tan, introduced the 5 performers.  Gician Tan opened with manipulative magic using silks, pipes, candles and playing cards.  Wee Kien Meng aka Mr Bottle did an interactive act, which revolved around mending a broken heart thee, with members of the audience.  Tommillusions performed his version of John Archer’s Bank Night.  Joseph Then brought the house down with his hilarious ventriloquism act using an original local dummy character and a dog.  Wearing appropriate period costumes, Satish Kumar presented a cups and balls routine with a historical twist.  The MC turned into a magician as Jeremy Tan kept everyone in suspense with his stapler gun Russian roulette act.  Closing the show, Magic Massimo entertained with just a piece of rope which underwent various transformations.    

            The lucky draws were conducted in 3 sessions and contained valuable prizes. 

It was an enjoyable evening of food, fun, fellowshipping and magic!

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