SINGAPORE RING 115 - December 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

This was the last meeting of the year 2014.  It was attended by 38 people, including 1 guest, at BayView Hotel.

What we did not know was that there were several surprises awaiting us.  All who attended the meeting received a magic gift in the form of a jumbo sucker “Wrong Again” effect from dealer Jeremy Pei as a thank you for patronising from him through-out the year.  Member Massimo Sacco personally baked us a beautiful Christmas panettone (a kind of loaf from Italy) and carried it all the way from Indonesia.  He also supplied 3 bottles of desert wine to go with the panettone.  Member Baharudin Abdullah put together a beautiful montage in a short video introducing Singapore and Ring 115, and this was the first time it was screened to our members.  The last surprise was not really a surprise as it was already announced in our newsletter.  This was the first time we were hosting a web-based lecture by Nefesch from Greece.

After some announcements, Jeremy Pei performed 2 items from his regular act: a colour changing wreath effect (with 3 wreaths to 1 climax) and a rose to silk where its branch also became a rope and ended with silk through rope.

It was time to watch Nefesch’s lecture.  This was pre-recoded to prevent any technical hitch that could occur.  Nefesch taught “Fever” where he could cause a borrowed thermometer to show an increased reading of a person’s normal temperature.  He also showed and taught “Lost & Found” – a bare-hand magical production of a small object.

The break had us celebrating Christmas with food, coffee and tea, and of course, Masssimo’s panettone and wine.  Members also crowded around Jeremy Pei’s dealer table to purchase magic props.

After the break, an induction ceremony was conducted for Massimo Sacco, Curtis Choy and Willie Lee.  Jeremy Pei offered special grab bags containing $140 worth of magic items for only $35.  They sold out very quickly.

We continued with Nefesch’s lecture on “Visible Signed Coin Through Balloon”.  Then came a live “Q & A” session with Nefesch through skype.  Nefesch told an interesting story about his effect “Fever”, explained his understanding of misdirection, and how he create new effects.  Nefesch promised that he would send to all who attended a free download of his best selling effect “Blackout”.

What a wonderful evening!  Our thanks to Baharudin who provided the projector, Alvin Terence Tan who co-ordinated with Nefesch, and Satish Kumar who hosted the evening.  Christmas came early for us!

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