SINGAPORE RING 115 - October 2014 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Enrico Varella

About 40 members and guests attended October’s meeting, ‘Magic Of The Mind’. Emcee and President John Teo introduced two guests from the Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Lenny Lee did his induction test with a tribute to Slydini’s Silks. In a rarely seen medium, Bernard Sim performed a comedy effect with cards and a contraption known as a Thought Transmitter.

Patron, Gician Tan produced an origami dove by bouncing a sheet of tissue paper. He folded another origami sculpture of a shark, and proceeded to perform a variation of Asi Wind’s ‘Time Is Money’. The first card vanished, and the second was found as an image on his android phone screen. He taught a faux jumbo card trick with a sucker ending.

‘Magic Massimo’ performed his qualifying test with cards – close-up magic was a departure from his 30 years of stage performing experience – with a spectator-mixed deck. He launched – with Italian history and geography as his backdrop – a ‘Sam The Bellhop’ effect, an Oil/Water separation, and a card location with layout on the mat. Like Gician, Massimo is a lefty and he ended his long set with a befitting climax. From a shuffled deck in use (FASDIU), he did a Triumph effect followed by a Twisting of the Aces effect.

After tea-break, our ‘Magician of the Month’ Michael Lee performed his signature rendition of Slydini’s ‘Coins Across’, matrix with jumbo-card, coin penetrations of the table, ending with the entire cup through the table! He also performed a bar-bet using his wrapped hand and exposed finger to speed-tap a coin in spectator’s hand. It was a rare performance of this very private magician who has won our ring’s close-up award in the 1990’s.

Charles Choo performed a Stabbed Deck location trick that matched a card chosen from another deck. He did Turtle Trio from the Trick Company (using three mini-tortoises). John Teo identified a location of buried treasure on a pirate’s map of 50 locations. It was a Stephen Tucker's marketed effect ‘Mind Map’, inspired by Terri Roger's ‘Word Of Mind’ routine which was in turn based on a Bob Hummer's effect. His second trick was ‘Duo-Tech II’ by Bob Strickland.

Alvin Terence demonstrated the identification of a mentally-thought-of card using an application of Derren Brown’s suggestive method from ‘Pure Effect’. Willy Lee – a juggler – performed a two-rope routine with sliding knot and removable knot. He continued with Lennart Green’s ‘Stolen Cards’, and finished his induction test with a full-deck colour separation with four chosen cards.

Curtis Choy performed Simon Aronson’s ‘Prior Commitment’. Tommy Chiang did a PK effect using a ball and a spectator’s cupped hands. He also caused a signed coin to surreptitiously bend. Lim Teck Guan performed a monte effect with a sandwich of three cards, and ended with Patrick Page’s ‘Paper to Money’. The evening ended with students from SP making a announcement of their annual magic concert ‘Timeless’ on 14 November.


Enrico Varella