SINGAPORE RING 115 - April 2015 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Alvin Terence


29 members including 4 guests attended this evening’s “Sucker Effect” themed meeting hosted by Satish Kumar and Alvin Terence. The meeting kicked off with a series of member announcements and quick introductions from our guests. Among the guests was Graham Justice who spoke briefly about his involvement in magic and his views on using magic as a therapeutic tool. There were also 3 passionate magicians from Jakarta, Indonesia who came to observe and learn how IBM Ring 115 runs our month meeting.

The first performer of the day was our guest, Handy Altan, from Indonesia. Handy performed a one coin routine consisting of productions, vanishes, transposition and penetration before ending with a jumbo coin production.

Next was Bernard Sim. His comedy version of the cups and balls routine involved an unorthodox prop as one of the cups - a bra pad. Bernard’s routine set everyone laughing throughout the entire performance.

Ashish Lodhavia did a card effect pattering about his ability to sense out the chosen card by the spectator using frequency waves. Towards the end of the routine he claimed that he had messed up but in reality he found the 3 mates of the chosen card.

Tommy Chiang borrowed a Singapore $2 note and transformed it visually into 5$, 10$ and 50 cent instead of $50. The spectator ends up $1.50 less because of his greed. At the end of the performance Tommy, returned this spectator’s $2 and all was well.

David Cheng, another of our guest from Indonesia, performed a sandwich effect using 2 black queens to find the chosen card. The finale of his performance included a visual change of the wrong sandwiched card into the spectator’s selected card.

Before the break, Jeremy Pei had his dealer show. Some of the products mentioned were Linking Rings DVD, limited edition Ninja Rings with Shoot Ogawa’s autograph, and a packet card trick known as Starving Monkey.

After the break, Samuel Boey did his induction test. It was Samuel’s busking routine of cups and balls which he performs on a regular basis when he was studying overseas. His final load was plush chickens and an “ostrich egg”.

IBM’s Patron, Gician Tan, generously gave a teach-in of his original color change sleight as well as a palming technique known as the spider change, and side shift. Gician also demonstrated some routines using the sleights taught. He ended his teach-in by giving a foretaste of what he would teach in the coming months.

Alvin Terence performed a mental effect by successfully predicting the choice of selected finger on his left hand. The prediction was written on the right hand prior to the performance.

President John Teo performed 2 mental effects. In the first effect, he and his spectator selected a movie and actor from different stacks of mixed-up movies and actors cards. The selected actor did not match the selected movie. The prediction had a twist as the predicted poster showed the selected movie with the selected actor from another movie. His second effect was a comedy prediction of an alphabet that was kept in a paper bag and securely attached to a string.

Guest Graham Justice from Australia shared a sample of the type of magic that he would be doing in Singapore that has a “therapeutic” effect on patients. He demonstrated a rubber band on hand effect and a mental trick using 5 cups. Graham kindly awarded a DVD he brought along to the best performer of the evening – David Cheng.

To end the evening, Jeremy Pei debuted his new oriental magic routine involving soft mirror and a set of Kuma Tubes.

Reported by:

Alvin Terence