SINGAPORE RING 115 - January 2015 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang


Host Victor Heng welcomed guest Samantha Ong and announced the upcoming magic events that members could look forward to – lecture by R. Paul Wilson on 30 January at 7 pm at Bayview Hotel, Singapore’s Magician Network 1st Gathering on 12 February at 6 pm at Happy Days NTUC Club, and Magic Warehouse Bazaar on 7 March from 12 noon to 10 pm.

Fritz Alkemade commenced his lecture with his Magic Castle Act. He then performed “Word of the Day” where he caused Samantha’s word “FINE” which she wrote on a piece of paper, crushed into a ball and held in her hand, to change place with his own crushed paper ball which contained the word “Frizzfries”. In “High Roller Coaster”, Fritz pulled out a guest’s $50 bill from one of three shuffled coasters and its serial number matched the one he wrote and set aside earlier. Fritz continued with “Boxing Day Revisited” which was a card under/in box routine, and “Y.A.M.S.M.A.T”, which was his answer to the often asked question “Show me a trick”. He also demonstrated colour change, card transposition, appearance and vanish.

Just before the break, Jeremy Pei demonstrated his puzzling Jurassic Park deck as well as Mikame’s Chinese Sticks. Both items were available for sale at his booth.

After the break for refreshment, Fritz Alkemade resumed his lecture with a special presentation of “The Homing Card’ where the backs of the cards also changed colour. In “Coin Fusion Redux”, Fritz fused two borrowed and signed coins together. He followed this with locating 4-of-a-kind cards in various pockets. His last effect was “Just in Time 2.0” in which the spectator cut the deck and dealt the cards and found three random cards which indicated the date of the performance.

Fritz was an entertaining and fast-paced performer. His lecture was well received by all of us. After the lecture, brisk sales were observed at both Fritz’s and Jeremy’s booths.

Reported by:
(Ms) Low Hwee Lang