SINGAPORE RING 115 - June 2015 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

Singapore Prison Service staff began with an appeal to IBM Ring 115 members to support this year’s Yellow Ribbon Prison Run that would take place on 13 September 2015. Hosts Tommy Chiang and Derek Lee next invited Samuel Boey to begin the first act for the evening.

Samuel Boey produced a silver wand which had a mind of its own like growing longer when he was not looking. He also introduced his strong friend, a ‘flea’ which could ‘lift’ one end of a rope many times its weight, and tickled the ‘kids’ when he accidentally got it ‘squashed’ while clapping his hands.

Edwin Wong sat for his induction test. He changed two blue-backed cards on the table into red ones, and an entire deck of blue-backed cards into red cards except for the 2 blue cards which mysteriously found their way from the table into the deck. He also enlisted the help of two Queen cards to locate a King of Diamonds card in a deck, and ended his performance with a comic twist to his card prediction.

Lim Teck Guan successfully guessed the picture card which his guest had mentally selected from among a few cards.

Jeremy Pei presented some of the magic items available at his booth. They included a black and white card in the shape of a birthday cake which could grow bigger and change into a colourful card. He also produced a ‘springing’ snake from a potato chips can. He demonstrated a classic pom-pom stick with logically connected ends but are actually not. He then presented a metal container with black dots on the outside which magically vanished and reappeared on a white handkerchief placed inside the container. He also introduced his new book on the marketing and selling of magic.

After the break, Tommy Chiang performed his comic version of the linking rings. He also invited his guests to choose a lucky button colour to win for themselves a $50 note. Of course, none could.

Bertrand Yang completed his induction test with sponge balls, vanishing them and making them re-appear in surprising ways. He also produced the audience’s chosen card – a red Seven of Hearts – successfully in a deck of blank cards.

Joseph Loh got a guest to insert his selected card randomly into a deck. When the deck was fanned out, all had changed into blank cards and the guest’s selected card had vanished!

Curtis Choy got his guest to remember the value of a chosen card as he counted off and showed him each card from a pile of 16 cards. He then arranged them on the table and correctly guessed the chosen card.

Tan Choon Kang showed how his Ace of Hearts could travel wirelessly from his pocket to inside of a deck.

Jeremy Pei ended the evening with a few more performances – the silk to appearance of Singapore flag, and production of multiple glasses, milk and wine bottles from 2 hollow tubes.