SINGAPORE RING 115 - December 2015 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

Baharudin presented a proposed trip to Thailand in March 2016. Satish talked about Tommy’s participation in “Make-A-Wish” program. On behalf of Yellow Ribbon organisers, member Jimmy Lee presented all of us with a Christmas log cake in appreciation of Ring 115’s contributions to their annual Yellow Ribbon run.

Ken Carter had obtained the franchise to conduct Michael Ammar’s magic course for kids called “Discover Magic” in Singapore. We invited him to our meeting, and he had an interview type of dialogue with Satish Kumar in which he present to us what this course is all about.

The first performer was Charles Choo who was able to divine which one of a 4 of a kind card was selected by a spectator.

Satish Kumar used a wind-up toy which was able to walk and then stop exactly on top of the selected card when a deck of cards was spread face downwards on the table.
Not to be outdone by his MC partner, Tommy Chiang was able to pre-Google a city in a borrowed cell phone before its owner even thought of one.

Jeremy Pei did a dealer’s demonstration. True to the evening’s theme, he make a physical toy chick appeared from a folded piece of paper with a printed picture of an egg and a chick. Next, he used a small and then a large size mirror box to produce many items. He solved a rubik cube with one hand, and explained his “Living Room Project” DVD together with some gaff coins. He magically transformed blank papers to bills, and then proceeded to pay our Treasurer his subscription for next year! It brought a big smile from everybody, especially our Treasurer!

Just before the break, JK Tan conducted an Induction Ceremony for Nigel Lew, Lenny Lee and Cassidy Lee.

The 15 minutes break allowed members to have fellowship with our guests and with one another, and to purchase magic items from our two dealer’s booths.

After the break, Dr Loke Han Ying was the first person to take the Induction Test. He extracted a chosen card from a closed deck, used an Eastern set of destiny prayer sticks to locate 2 Tarot cards, and divined a freely chosen word from any page from any one of four magazines.

The second person to take the Induction Test was Lee Fee Lyp. His repertoire comprised Lennart Green’s version of Shuffled Board where he could predict the details of what cards were randomly turned over and shuffled, and Paul Curry’s “Switch and No-Switch” card swindle done with a packet of cards.

President John Teo showed 2 pieces of poster boards with 4 different letters on each side. He proceeded to spell various words from the 4 letters, and finally produced a magic P-O-S-T in the form of a greeting card in an envelope. He then performed Shigeo Futagawa’s “Top Drop” where a physical toy top was produced when the letter cards spelt T-O-P.

The last performer was Jeremy Pei, who produced more items from a mirror box, performed a “Sun and Moon” coin effect, and solved a rubik cube in reverse!

Of the 44 members present, only 6 people came wearing party hats. A special lucky draw was conducted and 3 of them got to take home a Christmas cake each while the fourth person won a bottle of wine.