SINGAPORE RING 115 - February 2016 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

The venue was the function room of Bayview Hotel.  The total attendance was 33 and included 2 guests, Mr Chew Jia Yuan and Mr Lin Xiao Hanwen, from China.

After the AGM, Patron Gician Tan conducted a teach-in on “3 card monte”.  This included the effect where a corner of the target card was bent as a marker.  He continued his teaching with some nice manipulative moves using a marker pen.  This also included some creative thimble moves with the marker’s cap.

Alvin Terence was the magician of the month.  His performance comprised a card routine with 4 spectators.  Opening his card act, Alvin morphed a randomly selected card to the 4 aces.  He then had each spectator select a card and lost into the deck.  In attempting to find the first spectator’s card, Alvin caused the deck to cut itself to a card, but found the second spectator’s card instead.  The first spectator touched this card and it changed into his chosen card.  The third spectator touched this card and it also transformed into his chosen card!  The fourth called out a random number between 1 and 51.  His chosen card was found at this exact position in the deck.  Finally, both the chosen cards of the first and second spectators vanished from the deck and reappeared one inside each of Alvin’s shoes!

Inspired by one of Fukai’s comedy routines, Jeremy Pei did an interesting and creative effect using Chinese New Year’s props and “bananas”.  This logically led to our break-time with Yu Sheng, a traditional Chinese New Year’s dish in Singapore.

After the break, Jeremy Pei was nominated as the evening’s auctioneer.  An interesting and somewhat dramatic auction followed with both new and used magic props from our members.  One of the items auctioned off was the brand new “bananas” effect performed by Jeremy before the interval.

Jeremy Pei demonstrated his “effect of the month”.  This was Ton Onosaka’’s “A Bicycle Built For Five”.  He offered this trick for sale with a free gift.