SINGAPORE RING 115 - March 2016 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

Sng Ming Da announced that Shawn Chua and he would be holding their first 1 hour magic performance for the public entitled “Magic Muse” on 19 April 2016 at 8.30 pm.  Early birds could get their tickets at $25, inclusive of a drink.

Singapore Prisons Service‘s Yellow Ribbon Run (YRR) organisers presented certificates of appreciation to the following 10 IBM magicians who performed at last year’s YRR: Gician Tan, JK Tan, Baharudin, Maxwell Low, Joseph Loh, Jonas Puah, Tommy Chiang, Derek Lee, Cassidy Lee, and Samantha Ong.  An invitation was extended to IBM members to again participate in this year’s noble cause to be held on 4 September 2016.

Alexander Yuan was the “Magician of the Month”.  He kicked off the evening’s exciting line-up of performances by pulling out a real, yellow ball from his ipad.  He then took a photograph of a guest with her left hand held up.  When he showed the image on his ipad to the audience, it now had her holding up the card she chose earlier from a deck!  He ended by making a coin in his ipad disappear and then reproducing it under his guest’s watch strap!  Alexander explained that all the magic application programs in his ipad were designed by him.

Kenneth Chia used a jumbo phone screen to illustrate how, despite adding two additional jigsaw pieces to the existing ones, the size of the screen could still strangely remain the same.

Jonas Phuashared a favourite, “Rising Card” app, which would cause a freely named card to rise up the phone screen, with a mere, gentle shake of his phone.

Lim Teck Guan took a couple of brochures and folded them a few times.  When he unfolded them, a few red, ten dollar notes suddenly appeared!

Lee Chong Jee invited his guest to write a string of numbers and letters on a slip of paper, and then covered it with a small envelope and a key card.  As he collected back the key card and the small envelope from the guest, he correctly guessed the content written on the paper.  Next, he slapped his finger wearing a ring hard against a purse in his palm, and the ring vanished!  When he unfolded a small red packet embedded in a purse which was further embedded in a bigger one in his palm, the missing ring was revealed!

Jeremy Pei wowed the audience with some impressive card tricks through “The Ultimate Backflip” and “The Magician’s Deck” which were among some of the items on sale that evening.

After the break, President John Teo illustrated how technology had advanced over the years by displaying an “iphone” which would eventually unfold into the larger “ipad”.  He then showed how the iphone 4 had grown longer and wider with each upgrade and could well continue that way to version 20 and finally iphone 100, and concluded that some technological advancement may be impractical.

Tommy Chiang illustrated how the famous Houdini still wielded his magical influence beyond the grave by showing on his phone an image of Houdini in a group. When the picture was enlarged, the audience could see one of the boys in the group holding a 3 of diamonds card, which was what Tommy’s guest had earlier selected.

Vincente and Linus Ng individually took their induction tests.

Jeremy Pei showed how he could “multiply” the US dollar bills on his ipad mini and then pull them out physically.  He also transformed a small half dollar into a jumbo coin onscreen, and pulled it out too.

Massimo Sacco invited his guest to select a card.  It was the 7 of Hearts.  The card was randomly inserted back into the deck.  He then got his guest to pose with a Joker card and took a photo of it.  When he zoomed in on the image of the Joker card, it gradually transformed into the 7 of Hearts right before the audience’s eyes. As for the guest’s 7 of Hearts, it was no longer in the deck but had teleported inside the card box placed aside earlier!

Kenneth Chia rounded off the night’s performance with jumbo puzzle pieces which form a dollar bill with the word “Life” in the centre.  He then rearranged the pieces to leave a gap which would eventually be perfectly filled by the missing piece labelled “Peace”.  When turned over, it was an image of Jesus.  What an apt Easter gift!

Even though the meeting ended, the shopping and chatting continued late into the night.