31 members and 4 guests attended our May meeting which was held at Bayview Hotel on the evening of 15 May 2016. The guests were Zhi Chun and Guan Yi from Singapore, Pambudi Soenarsihanto (a past member) from Indonesia and Yasas Gunaratne from Sri Lanka.
The theme was “Magic Critique”, where performances were evaluated by a panel of 3 critics. They comprised Gician Tan, John Teo and Tommy Chiang. Performers could choose not to have their acts critiqued. However, all who performed this evening chose to have their performances evaluated.
After a brief announcement about the forth coming Members’ Night in June, the first performer was Pambudi. He did a memorised deck effect and a book test. Next to perform was Baharudin who offered a $10 bill if he failed to divine a random digit written by a spectator inside a folded piece of paper. He got to keep his money.
Jonas Phua did a “Do As I Do” effect using 2 different decks of cards with a spectator. It was time for dealer’s showcase. Jeremy Pei demonstrated Max Maven’s “Psi Sign”, Bunko Bet with alternate endings, Jumping Arrows (a paddle trick), and a poo-face gag.
Just before the break, an induction ceremony was conducted for Linus Ng.
The 15-minutes break allowed members to patronise Jeremy Pei’s dealer’s booth and have fellowship with one another.
After the interval, Vincente performed Richard Sander’s “Turbo Stick”, a paddle effect that resulted in the production of sponge balls. Ashish Lodhavia followed with another paddle effect with an interesting presentation about a miniaturised magic wand. His second effect was a combination of B’wave and colour changing backs packet card trick.
Kyle Ravin had 2 spectators chose 4 cards in a fair manner. He revealed that he already had these 4 cards predicted well in advance. Maxwell Low presented Dan Harlan’s “Jumbo Invisible Deck” and signed bill in Sharpie pen. The final performer was Lee Choong Jee who tore up 2 pieces of playing cards. One set of torn pieces was held by a spectator and he held the other set. One torn piece from each set magically exchanged places.
Alvin Terence, one of the 2 Co-Ordinators, hosted the first half of the evening. JK Tan was the other Co-Ordinator and he MC’d the second half.