SINGAPORE RING 115 - December 2016 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

First of all, it was a new meeting venue for us.  We met at Chinese Success Media at #04-41 Bras Basah Complex.  This venue had a small platform (stage) built-in that also came with a public address system. 

The total attendance was 42 which comprised 9 guests.  The guests were Avi Liran, Michelle Lim, Andrew Lau, Collier Ow, 4 representatives from the Singapore Prison Service and a guest photographer.

After a brief announcement by President John Teo, the representatives from the Singapore Prison Service officially thanked our members for performing magic for their participants in the Yellow Ribbon Run in September earlier this year.  They presented certificates of appreciation to the 8 of us: JK Tan, Baharudin, Tommy Chiang, Derek Lee, Alvin Terence, Ashish Lodhavia, Maxwell Low and Joseph Loh.  They also brought along 3 tins of Christmas cookies baked by their enterprise arm, SCORE.

The first performer for the evening was JK Tan.  Dressed in a Chinese costume complete with a hat, JK performed an interesting ring and rope act.  Commencing with a small metal ring that magically got knotted onto a chain, JK proceeded with larger sized rings that came on and off the ropes several times.  His final effect involved a large metal ring and silks that came off a long piece of rope.

Collier Ow was a newcomer who applied to become our member.  He did a card routine with 2 spectators.  Selected cards were magically revealed and transformed.  He finished off with a D’Lite effect.

Vice-President Enrico Varella did a “3 Fly” routine where 3 coins magically appeared and vanished one at a time.  He got 2 spectators who conspired and form a random playing card as well as a random number.  A deck of cards left on the table all this time was taken up and counted to the random number named – the randomly named card was found at that location.  An interesting ACAAN effect.

This was followed by an Induction Ceremony for member Leo Qi Jun.

The magician-of-the-month was Sng Ming Da.  His act was entitled “Impactful Card Magic”.  His card routine indeed lived up to the adjective “impactful”.  He found 3 chosen cards, the last one inside a lime which he had to cut open with a knife.  He showed his prowess with a deck of cards by being able to cut each time to the exact number of cards called for.  He not only discovered chosen cards, but also found their 3 respective mates as well.

Wearing a most colourful costume, Henry Tio divided the deck into 3 piles and was able to divine the top card of each pile.

Jeremy Pei demonstrated the Arm Cutter illusion.  This being the reviewed product for December, Jeremy offered a free gift for those who purchased it.  Christmas came early as Jeremy presented gifts to 6 people, including President John Teo.  In his gift bag was jeremy’s payment for his membership subscription and booth fee for the year 2017 – what a creative way of making payment!  He demonstrated several dealer’s items including a chargeable D’Lite with different colours, a set of sun (gold) and moon (silver) coins with holes, a beginner’s set of sponge balls, and several gimmick decks.

Just before the break, Baharudin organised the entire meeting for the Mannequin Challenge video-shoot.  Refer to for the mannequin video.

Included in the snacks for the break were pasta and ham, specially ordered to celebrate Christmas.

After the break, visiting professional photographer Juliana Tan took a group photograph of our members for her forth-coming project “The More We Get Together” which was to be a documentary of interest groups in Singapore.

After the photo-shoot, we stopped further performances to allow members to interact with one another and to patronise the dealer.

Tommillusions and Ashish Lodhavia were the able co-ordinators for the evening.  It was indeed a “Magical Christmas” packed with unusual and interesti