SINGAPORE RING 115 - Janurary 2017 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Hwee Lang

There were 2 guests for the evening. Jonathan Then is the son of our member Joseph Then, and Simon Hung, who found us on the Internet and applied to join us as a member.
The first performer was Ashish Lodhavia. He did Cody Fisher’s comedy presentation of Professor’s Nightmare using a breakaway wand.
Enrico Varella discussed Silk Magic and performed double-colour changing silks and a levitation with silk.

JK Tan was able to discover two cards selected and lost in the deck by 2 spectators. The second spectator’s card was found to be of a different coloured back.
Tommillusions performed Shigeru Sugawara’s ribbon on and off a ring, Jeimin Lee’s silk through mobile phone, and ropes through his own body.
Baharudin had 2 cards torn into quarters. He then caused one of the torn quarters to change place with the other torn quarter. This was Rick Lax’s Tornado effect.
Satish Kumar tied a silk onto a rope and then caused it to dissolve through the rope.

It was then time for dealer’s demonstration. Jeremy Pei showed cane-to-streamer, arm-twister illusion, Bank Night effect using ‘ang pows’ (red money-envelopes), colour changing silk-to-striped silk, and a colour-changing ropes routine.

During the break, brisk sales was observed at his dealer’s table.

After the break, members were reminded to register early for the Combined Lecture of Alex Hansford and Ollie Mealing scheduled on 23 January 2017.

It was now Satish Kumar‘s turn to perform. He found a selected card lost in a deck using a rope lasso.

President John Teo was up next. He performed a comedy version of Henry Evan’s colour fusion change bag where 2 different colour silks changed place with the interior of the change bag. His next effect was his own presentation of Pavel’s Triple Ribbon trick. He played a game together with 2 spectators in which each of them had to decide which 2 of the 3 colour ribbons to untie on their own folder. When each of the folders was opened, there was a silk inside that coincided exactly with the colour of the remaining ribbon tied around the folder.
Alvin Terrence demonstrated how gamblers cheat by performing and explaining the 3-card monte, black jack, and how to use false dealings to locate a card at a freely named position in a deck.

Our guest, Simon Hung, stepped up to perform. He caused a selected card to change the colour of its back. He then had a spectator held onto a small packet of cards which contained his second chosen card. With a sharp slap on the packet, all the cards were struck off, leaving only one card, the selected card, left held on by the spectator.
Enrico Varella took off his cap, overturned it and excited the audience as money notes began to multiply when placed inside it.
Jeremy Pei rounded up the evening with a performance of inner-outer boxes, sucker colour-changing silks, and DX Nightmare, an interesting version of the Professor’s Nghtmare rope effect.