SINGAPORE RING 115 - March 2017 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

Wolfgang Riebe is no stranger to Ring 115. He lectured for us on two previous occasions.
His lecture took place on the evening of Wednesday, 15 March 2017, at the Chinese Success Media at Bras Basah Complex. There were a total of 36 members, plus two non-members who attended the lecture.
Right from the word ‘go’, we were all kept laughing by Wolfgang with his witty jokes and one-liners. His energy was quite contagious – we all caught it as we sat upright, paying full attention to him, with us smiling broadly, as we savoured and enjoyed every clever joke he cracked with each effect.
Wolfgang performed and explained many of the effects that he used in his cruise-ship performances.
The first-half of his lecture was on stand-up and cabaret magic. Just before the break, Jeremy Pei gave a dealer’s demonstration which included Kreis’ ‘Chain Thru’, Albert Tam’s ‘Illusory Reflex’, a wooden rattle box, and two versions of Mirror Box, one made of cardboard, and one constructed from wood.
After a short break with snacks and coffee, we conducted an Induction Ceremony for Collier Ow who recently passed his Induction Test. After this, Wolfgang resumed his lecture with close-up effects.
Altogether, Wolfgang must have romped through more than 15 effects. Here are the highlights of his lecture:
• 3-Way Prediction – Wolfgang predicted which 3 cards a spectator took from a deck, of which one was put inside his left pocket, one inside his right pocket, and the other left on the table.
• Sidewalk Shuffle – Wolfgang’s own presentation of this classic effect.
• Colour Change – a good interactive effect for children.
• Voodoo – Wolfgang’s presentation of a Dan Harlan’s effect.
• Newspaper 3-Way Prediction – a newspaper was cut to reveal not one but 3 chosen cards, one at a time.
• Card in Orange – Wolfgang demonstrated a clever method of switching the torn corner of a card.
• Bandana – Wolfgang’s non-messy method of performing this effect.
• The Pair of Socks – the sock chosen was shown to contain a sharp and nasty knife inside it.
• SCAM Insurance Policy – Wolfgang’s card stab with a hilarious use of a paper-bag each over the performer’s as well as the spectator’s heads, instead of using blindfolds.
• Last ESP Cards Match – Wolfgang’s take on using jumbo ESP cards that had much interaction with the audience.
• Out Of This World – Wolfgang demonstrated various versions of this classic, including an impromptu one done with a borrowed deck of cards.
• Green Carpet – an interesting packet card effect where in the end, all their backs became marked with crosses.
• All Backs Card Trick – Wolfgang succinctly incorporated some clever card moves in this effect.
• Upside Down Mix Match Shuffle – all the cards straightened up and faced one way at the end, except for the entire range of cards with the chosen suit that faced the other way.
• Fred Card Trick – Wolfgang’s method where the chosen Fred card also changed the colour of its back.
Wolfgang showed a cue-card that he uses to prompt stage-hands on the use of lights, sound and music during his performance on stage. This proved to be both practical and useful.
His two books, ‘Compelling Mental Magic’ and ‘Kid’s Party Magic’ were sold out at the lecture.
Most of the effects demonstrated were of the ‘pack-small-and-play-big’ types. Best of all, they were all practical stuff, based more on subtleties rather than sleight-of-hand, with the main emphasis on entertainment. Wolfgang also showed us that he constructed most of the props himself.
Attending this lecture had inspired us to be more creative with our own magic. The feedback from the participants was that this was one of the best lectures they had attended.

Reported by
John Teo