Written by John Teo


From 6.15 pm, when the restaurant doors were opened, people started arriving. They were treated to table-hopping magic performed by JK Tan, Enrico Varella, John Teo, Victor Heng, Derek Lee, Michael Lee, Lim Kai Seng, Collier Ow, Shade Soo and his 3 friends Jonathan, Jude and John.

At approximately 7.40 pm, President John Teo gave his opening address. This was followed by a sit-down 8-course Chinese dinner. In-between dishes, tokens of appreciations were given out to the management committee, Low Hwee Lang, Joshua Lee, and the 5 most active members Jeremy Pei, Michael Lee, Lim Teck Guan, Collier Ow and Chua Eng Hock.

After the dinner, the tables were rolled away and the chairs were rearranged in theatre-style, in preparation for stage magic.

The first performer was Adeline Ng. The stage was darkened for her to perform her fluorescent linking hula-hoops. The lights came on again as she continued with her rope routine. Her final effect was to cause her drawing of a randomly chosen flower to become coloured magically where she tore it off the drawing pad and presented it to Mrs Wong.

The second performer was JK Tan. After showing the audience how he was the only person who could untangle his clasped hands, he tricked them again with a sucker instant knot on rope. A borrowed and signed coin vanished and was found in the middle of a large ball of yarn.
The young Cassidy Lee was next. His repertoire included flame to rose, smoke in glass and a comedy cards across with 2 spectators. He closed with snowstorm in China and blossoming rose tree.

Kenneth Chia had a spectator on stage to match a movie with the appropriate actor. Unfortunately, the movie of Spiderman was chosen but the actor arrived at was Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean fame. This was no problem as Kenneth took off his shirt and revealed a Spiderman costume inside. He then put on the Mr Bean mask. Kenneth closed with a face-book effect using the Freer Puzzle concept.

Andrew Kong was next. He did 4-silk blendo and silk-from-silk. With the help of 6 spectators on stage, Andrew was able to cause one of them to be able to divine which one of 6 coloured billiard balls was secretly chosen by each of the other 5 persons. A torn and restored newspapers was his final effect.

Closing the show was the energetic Jeremy Pei. He opened with his own rope routine. This was followed by colour changing records and vanish of a bulky old fashioned radio. He proved he could predict the outcome of a Tic-Tac-Toe game as well as the total of a series of random numbers carried out by the calculator of a borrowed cell-phone by making both outcomes point to the logo as well as the name of IBM Ring 115! He closed with his fast-paced award winning linking rings routine.

Adeline Ng and Tommy Chiang were both the Masters of Ceremonies for the evening. They kept everyone entertained and conducted the lucky draws. Everyone received a special door gift in the form of a Transformer magic colouring book by courtesy of our patron Gician Tan.

It was an evening of fun, food, magic and merriment, one that will not be easy to forget for a long time to come.