Written by John Teo


The meeting was well attended by 41 people.Our April IBM meeting in the evening was moved from our usual date of 15th to 18th April 2018 to coincide with the visit of magician Tony from France.  Our venue remained the same at the Chinese Success Media at Bras Basah Complex.  The meeting was well attended by 41 people.
In the first part of the evening, Tony introduced himself and spoke about his organisation, using power-point slides and short videos to make his presentations.  

Known only as Tony, he founded the Magic Brothers World, a world-wide organisation providing magic performances for charity around the world.  Within a short span of 3 years since its inception, the organisation had put up more than 150 shows, for more than 15,000 unprivileged children, partnering more than 70 magicians all over the world in 5 continents.  Tony was in Singapore to find collaboration with our local magicians.

Tony was inspired to come up with this noble cause after he performed magic for unprivileged children in third world countries.  He found that many of these children led very sad lives and had never smiled before in their lives.  When they witnessed and participated in his magic shows, they all broke into wild laughter.  His magic had actually transformed their lives.  
He left his job as a teacher to become a magician.  Whatever money he makes as a corporate magician, he uses them to fund this worthwhile venture.  He said that when he is still young, he wants to use all his energy to travel around the world and make children and other unfortunate people happy with his magic.  We were all truly inspired by the amazing work done by this remarkable young man.In the second part of the evening, Tony gave a short sample performance of his children show.  He got all of us to act as children.

Tony commenced with a warm-up exercise, which then led to the classic hand clasping gag.  This was followed by an interactive routine with 3 differently coloured silks and a zipped change-bag.  The silks vanished, reappeared, knotted together, and finally blended into a beautiful large colourful silk.

He had an interesting Professor’s Nightmare rope act, which then continued into a ring and rope routine.  We were all impressed with his performance using a set of 4 small linking rings.  In his hands, the rings literally linked together as though there were no gimmicked rings.  His presentation for the coin bucket was equally enjoyable.  He “pulled” coins from the ears of the children, under their armpits, and almost everywhere.

All the time while he was performing, the audience was made to shout, cheer and clap.  There was much fun and laughter throughout.  He said that an entertaining magic performance is 80 percent presentation and 20 percent techniques.  After watching his short performance, we could all attest to the truth of this statement.

An interesting questions and answers session followed after his performance.The next morning, Tony had a performance at the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society at Henderson Road for a group of seniors.  One of our members, Derek Lee, performed a short routine alongside Tony.  Immediately after his performance, another of our members, Baharudin, fetched Tony to the airport.
We look forward to collaborate with Tony and his Magic Brothers World when he organised performances in South East Asian countries.