SINGAPORE RING 115 - May 2018 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


Adeline Ng, one of the co-ordinators of the evening, announced 3 forthcoming lectures. She then presented a short talk on the various performing styles of a magician. The magician could perform in the persona of a “murderer”, a “murdered victim” or a “bystander”. This was largely based on a presentation by Topas.

The theme of the evening was “Magic With A Message Or A Story”. The first performer was Maxwell Low. He used the flashlight function of his mobile phone to shine onto his special metal playing card guard which had pin holes on it and created a beautiful constellation on the wall. Mysteriously the stars moved and formed the identity of the selected card.

Lim Teck Guan did 2 effects: a convincing playing card through a folded borrowed bill, and a flame of a lighter travelled across a handkerchief without harming it.

Kenneth Yeo presented the Destiny Deck with his own theme of a “cursed card”. Whoever was given this “cursed card” would never fail to select its duplicate in a spread-out deck. This was proved to be true for 3 different spectators. Even though the selected card was returned back to the deck each time, yet the next person would mysteriously pick it up again even if it
was taken from a different location in the deck. Kenneth followed this with an impossible looking sandwich effect utilising a card treated with Science Friction.

Chua Eng Hock dealt 5 packets of 5 cards onto the table. 5 spectators each took one of the packets, remembered one card and shuffled it back into their own packet. The 5 packets were then collected and re-dealt into 5 packets, like before. As soon as each spectator indicated which packet contained their chosen card, Eng Hock could immediately reveal their selected card.
Gician Tan demonstrated an interesting slink-like toy which his company would make available soon at 7-Eleven stores. He continued with an interesting multi-phase money printing effect using a wallet-like device as a printing press.

It was dealers’ demonstration time. Jeremy Pei demonstrated the following items which were all available from his booth: money-printing roller machine, comedy selected card in miniature toy hat that also came with a DVD on card forces, Mario Brothers’ miniature drawer box, vanishing deck case, colour monte, emoji paddle and card, s, and a card castle brandishing the Ring 115 logo!

This was followed by Cassidy Lee, who demonstrated the 360 version of Henry Harrius’ Rubik’s Dream, also available at his dealer’s booth. A coffee break complete with snacks and drinks allowed members to mingle around and purchase magic from the 4 dealers: Jeremy Pei, Cassidy Lee, Kenneth Yeo, and Ning Cai.

After the interval, visiting guest magician from Vietnam, Alex, performed his brand of commercial sleight-of-hand magic. His performances included cards from mouth, card stand on palm, card change, an ACAAN, a nice coin flurry act in which coins appeared, vanished, and multiplied, and a 3 fly routine. John Teo presented a mathematical magical puzzle involving a dying sheik distributing his herd of 11 elephants among his 3 sons. This was followed by a prediction of one of 10 motivational message place-mats.

Jeremy Pei returned to perform a unique act using Rubik’s cubes. A multicoloured Rubik’s Cube paper box contained a while silk inside. Magically, the silk became coloured while the box turned completely into white colour. A spectator signed the white surface of a Rubik’s cube and mixed up its sides. 10 Rubik’s cube cards were shuffled and one was selected. The pattern on this card coincided exactly with the scrambled cube. The mixed-up cube was instantly solved, and all the Rubik’s cube cards suddenly had the same picture of a solved cube. The signed solved cube vanished and reappeared inside a small glass container whose mouth was too small for the cube.

The MC for the evening was Victor Heng, who was also the other coordinator.