The theme for the evening was “Perform & Teach”.  Members were encouraged to perform and then explained their effects.  However, there was no compulsion to explain the secrets if they chose not to do so.
The evening was aptly hosted by JK Tan.  After introducing the guests, he went on to mention the forth-coming lectures by both Ondrej Psenicka and Axel Hecklau.
The first performer for the evening was Lim Kai Seng.  He demonstrated and explained his own version of a multi-layered “Your Card” gag.  He then showed and explained a production carton box which he had been, and was still working on, that could produce several files of documentations before a physical notebook computer made its appearance as a climax.
Ashish Lodhavia was next.  He did an effect in which he could cut to the exact location in the deck named by a spectator and also found the selected card there.  Since this was a marketed trick, and it was not explained.
Jeremy Pei’s recent passion was Rubik Cube magic.  He performed and explained various types of Rubik Cubes.  Some were marketed effects and many were his own creations.  They included instant solved cubes, cube that solved to a chosen colour, a cube that righted itself beneath a handkerchief, and interesting Rubik Cube boxes.  He also performed and explained his own version of an effective coin in and out of an empty mineral bottle.  What was most enjoyable was his sharing of his own experiences in performing these effects.
New Comer Oberoi Bhushan Kumar was blindfolded, yet he could tell the exact identity of any card chosen. Enrico Varella magically produced the 4 Aces, and in a version of the Hofzinser Reloaded card trick, he caused the Ace with the same suit as the selected card to transform into the actual selected card while that Ace was then found reversed in the deck.  Enrico then taught his handlings of the Elmsley Count and the Hindu Shuffle.
Jeremy Pei returned to the floor with his dealer demonstrations.  He showed a pocket effect called “Scissors, Paper, Stone” where he played this popular game with a spectator.  In the first round, he won 3 times in a row.  In the second round, he was able to match all the three items.  He then demonstrated a variation using a set of Halloween as well as a set of Oriental matching cards.
The interval that followed allowed members to purchase magic from Jeremy Pei as well as fellowship with one another and have snacks and coffee and tea.  Several people went back home during the interval to catch up with the televised World Cup match.
After the break, Lim Teck Guan did an Oriental version of “Buddha Papers” where he changed a blank piece of paper into a $10 bill, then into a $50 bill.
Newcomer Alan Kwan could extract an actual bill from just an image of a bill in his iphone.  He then had a chosen card signed on its back, and this matched his prediction.

John Teo performed and then explained 2 effects.  The first was his own version of a prediction effect involving upside-down figures that appeared in his own column in July’s issue of “The Quantum Ring”.  The second effect was a prediction of one out of 10 motivational place-mats that allowed him to explain his own application of the very clever 10/11 force.
Host JK Tan demonstrated and explained a simple but effective principle where a spectator could deal to a 4-of-a-kind in a deck of cards.  What was most interesting was his teaching of his own 2 applications of this principle.  In the first effect, all the other cards became blanks!  In the second version, the 4 cards were not 4-of-a-kind, but their backs were the only ones of different colour to the rest of the cards!
The final performer was Tommy Chiang.  He did an interesting 2-phase sandwich effect in which 2 Jokers magically trapped a selected card.  Mysteriously, the trapped card transformed to the second selected card.  Tommy then taught a card effect in which the 4 Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks that were equally distributed into 4 piles magically gathered together into their own piles.

This was an evening where everybody went off immediately after the meeting and none stayed behind for fellowshipping.