SINGAPORE RING 115 - August 2018 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


The host, Ashish Lodhavia, mentioned about the FISM card for Ring 115 members.  7 members signed up for the FISM card.

The first performer was Jeremy Pei.  He produced 3 large gold bars from a thin book.  This was followed by a Rubic Cube’s routine in which 2 Rubic Cube cards were randomly selected and they matched 2 of the 6 Rubic Cube’s faces.  Finally, the entire Rubic Cube changed into the single colour of the 2 Rubic Cube cards selected by the spectator.

Kenneth Chia talked about his trips to the many interesting places in South Korea after the FISM convention.  He showed a pom-pom stick routine where the stick was a fishing rod and the 4 pom-pom balls were a float, a hook, a reel and a weight espectively.  This was followed by Acrobatic Fish Plus where 3 fishes magically appeared on all the 3 ropes on the bar.  He then produced a gigantic fish from an empty bag.  This was an expensive item which he purchased in FISM.  Finally he turned a sea shell into a long snake.

Another member who went to FISM was Baharudin.  He showed 2 effects which he purchased from FISM.  The first was a long piece of rope that became knotted throughout its entire length.  When the knots were undone, the rope became 5 individual loops.  In the second effect, a selected card was lost in a deck.  The deck was replaced inside the card box.  A photograph was taken of the spectator with the card box, using the spectator’s mobile phone.  When the picture was retrieved later, it showed the spectator not with the card box, but with the image of the chosen card.  In the final effect, Bararudin displayed a card box, and smoke mysteriously emanated from it.

Cassidy Lee was another member who went to FISM.  He produced a fish from a silk, divined an item from a long list of shopping objects, and transformed a small Rubic Cube into a handful of candies.  His final effect was a mint candy box that changed from blue colour mint to red strawberry mint, including its contents.

One of our ex-members, Tommy Kian, also came back from FISM.  He spoke excitedly of the high standards of Asian magicians who took part in the competitions.  He asked a spectator to give him a number from 1 to 1,000.  That number appeared in the note function of his cell phone.

It was dealers’ demonstration time.  The first dealer was Jeremy Pei.  He showed a mystery bag with a “?” design that magically changed into a selected card with a stroke of his hand.  One white and one black hanky visually changed into 2 black and white chequered hankies.  A picture of a grumpy person transformed into a happy person with a flick of the fingers.  Jeremy performed a linking rings routine with a set of 6 parlour sized rings that featured various designs that could be formed with the rings.  This routine is not readily available.

The second dealer was Cassidy Lee.  He demonstrated bare hand fish production, a small “UnLIFTable” transparent box that could not be lifted from a table, except by the performer himself, magnetic Singapore 50 cents coins, and a 7-card wild card routine.

In the interval that followed, brisk sales was seen on both dealer’s tables.

After the break, new member Kogi, immaculately dressed, transformed a silk into a cane, vanished a deck of cards inside a box, and did an invisible card in envelope routine with much audience participations.

It was time for Induction Test.  Wong Hui Xian, with interesting patter, performed professor nightmare with 3 unequal length of ropes, Chinese Sticks, and a clock card trick in which she divined the exact time as well as card chosen by a spectator.

Baharudin, the second co-ordinator of the evening, returned to perform a variation of Joe Riding’s “3 Card Trick With 4 Cards” using jumbo cards with 4 different colour backs.

Lim Kai Seng showed us an effect in which he was working in progress for his forth-coming Mid-Autumn show.  A flat piece of paper was formed into a box from which a lantern was produced.  He changed a red and a blue hanky into a green and a yellow hanky, and a polka dot hanky into a toy panda.

Charles Choo performed a variety of effects.  They included a prediction of the total of 4 number cards that had different numbers on both sides, divination of a number chosen from a 5 X 5 matrix, merging of various postcards into a giant poster, and transformation of Malaysian to Singapore bills.

The final performer was John Teo.  He successfully projected the image of a playing card onto a spectator’s mind.  In the second experiment, a spectator was able to sense out the “killer” before this person murdered all the 10 guests invited to an isolated island “a la” the famous detective story “10 Little Indians” by Agatha Christie.