SINGAPORE RING 115 - October 2018 Magic Meeting Report

Written by Ashish Lodhavia


The attendance for the evening was 39, and the venue was the Chinese Success Media at Bras Basah Complex.

Before the lecture proper, our Membership Head, JK Tan, conducted the Induction Ceremony for new member JK Chiang.

Our host for the evening, Tommy Chiang, then introduced Regardt Laubscher, who spoke about himself as being an all-rounder professional magician.

He performed and explained the following effects: Do As I Do card prediction, Chicago Opener, an impromptu Out-Of-This-World, a Card and Number prediction, and Dr Daley’s Last Trick.  He demonstrated kids magic with vanishing silk, Gypsy Thread and Egg to Silk.

Just before the break, Jeremy Pei and Cassidy Lee did their dealer’s demonstrations.  The interval saw members patronising both of their booths.

After the break, Regardt continued with a 3-phase act involving an interesting impromptu book test, drawing duplication and an ambitious card routine.  This was followed by a nice torn and restored Post-It paper.  He ended with a version of the Pegasus Page book test.

Tommy Chiang conducted a short interview with Regardt.  Regardt shared his many experiences performing corporate and kids shows, and recounted an incident in which his biggest illusion went wrong when it became ignited with fire.

Regardt’s lecture had something for everyone.  What impressed us most was his bountiful energy on stage and his great interaction with his audience.