Written by John Teo

Alex Pandrea’s lecture took place on the evening of 30 November 2018. This was our final lecture for the year 2018, as there was no lecture planned in December. The venue was the function room of Hotel Grand Central. The lecture attracted a turnout of 37 participants. Alex was in Singapore with his girlfriend Christina since 13 November 2018. 

Alex’s lecture was in 3 parts. The first part consisted of commercial magic. In an effect called the Mystery Card, Alex taught us his version of a turnover move with out-jogged selection control. He then demonstrated how to read the suits from the backs of the NOC playing cards.

Next, Alex turned to mobile phone magic. He showed in his Instagram that he had earlier taken a photograph of a face-down deck of playing cards with the spectator’s chosen card as the only face-up card in the middle of the spread. He also showed how the energy from a spectator could be used to “charge” his almost battery-dead phone. Alex then introduced the Infolife app and performed an effect with it.

The final effect in the first part of his lecture was an interesting use of a reverse Svengali deck.

Alex’s second part of his lecture was entitled “5 Moves In 5 Minutes”. He demonstrated various moves with playing cards that included a spring control, a throw in-jog, a convincing control and a second-deal control. He would email to all who attended the lecture video tutorials explaining these moves.

A 15-minutes interval with snacks and drinks allowed participants to have fellowship with one another and with Alex Pandrea.

In the third and final part of his lecture, Alex explained how to make our magic memorable and how to deepen the mystery in magic. He showed how to make an effect such as “Out Of This World” more meaningful to the audience. He also taught an interesting false shuffle and explored the use of the top change versus the double lift. He showed how to make the transformation of a card more powerful by simply writing a personalised information of the spectator on the playing card. Alex discussed how to extend the ending of an effect long after the performance ended.

It was a fascinating lecture. Alex’s magic aims at using ordinary objects and deepening its mystery to the audience.