SINGAPORE RING 115 - Nov 2020 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo


Jay Scott Berry is no stranger to IBM Singapore Ring 115.  He had lectured in Singapore for Ring 115 several times before.  His last lecture was in 2004.  It was good to see him again after 16 years.  Technology has made it possible for us to have him lecture to us virtually in the comfort of our homes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


His lecture took place on the evening of 15 November 2020 at 7.30 pm and was free of charge for Ring 115 members.  It was well attended by 35 members and 2 paid participants.

Jay Scott Berry commenced with a beautiful one coin routine performed to a musical background using music composed by himself.  The act comprised bare hand coin production, coin manipulations, multiplying coins and a nice vanish at the end.

In discussing the routine afterwards, Jay explained his philosophy of creating natural moves, and how he could start and end clean.  His idea of the sleeve pocket was most practical.  This helped to made retrieving items from the sleeve seem more natural.

This led to his discussion on topit.  He explained how to “seal the gap” by attaching the topit to his clothing with a zipper.  He demonstrated the proper method of using the topit so that the vanish of any item could be done in the most magical way.

Jay Scott Berry turned his attention to the use of a magic wand.  He showed how to produce the wand with and without a silk, and how to spin the wand.  He taught the striking vanish and demonstrated several moves with ring on and off wand.

Just before the break, Jay gave us many tips on using a thumb tip, including his full tip steal.  He also explained how to vanish a 24 inch diamond silk, and how to transform a silk to a sponge ball and vice versa.

After the break, Jay Scott Berry continued with his sponge ball magic.  He demonstrated sponge ball from purse frame, appearing and vanishing sponge balls, colour changing sponge balls and transposition to and from a silk.

Jay Scott Berry uses the Sanada gimmick extensively.  He taught us how to prepare and modify the finger shell so that it could store and produce a 24 inch diamond silk.  He explained the use of his Cloaking Device and the FS/2 gimmick, and demonstrated the “Vortex” gesture.

It was card magic next.  Jay Scott Berry showed us his version of the popular packet effect called “Colour Monte”.  He taught us his colour change using only vertical movements of the hand, how to properly cascade cards, and explained his lightning card change where a playing card is simply folded and it transformed into another card.

Jay Scott Berry made a special bundle deal for us of more than 50 of his digital tutorials.  A short question and answer session followed.  Jay’s closing comments for us were: “keep magic simple, push the boundaries of the art, and give freely to the magic community.”