SINGAPORE RING 115 - Mar 2021 Magic Meeting Report

Written by John Teo

IBM Singapore Ring 115 held its 70th Annual General Meeting virtually on the evening of 15th March 2021. The attendance of 42 people more than met the quorum required for the AGM. Polling was carried out through the Zoom polls. The following people were elected or voted into office:

President: John Teo

Vice-President: Enrico Varella

Hon Secretary: Tan Jui Kuan

Asst Secretary: Alvin Terence

Hon Treasurer: Siew Kim Siang

Asst Treasurer: Curtis Choy

Committee members: Baharudin, Carson Goh, Derek Lee, Kenneth Chia, and Tommy Chiang

Auditors for year 2021: Priscilla Thong & Victor Heng

Auditors for year 2022: Ng Yeow Chong & George Seam

A more detailed report can be read from the actual minutes of this AGM recorded separately from this report.

Immediately after the AGM, Jeremy Tan delighted us with a lecture and a performance. He commenced with his own and beautiful version of 3 Fly where 3 coins, one at a time, were produced, transferred from hand to hand and finally vanished back into the thin air.

He continued by sharing how he got involved in virtual magic shows. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, he, like all magic performers, was caught without shows when he and his wife returned back to Singapore after their engagements in cruises. He took great effort in finding out all about virtual shows, and he shared with us unselfishly what he learnt. Jeremy discussed the various virtual platforms, the various equipment needed, home versus live studios, and how to get gigs.

Jeremy continued with a short virtual performance. He started with B’Wave, where the chosen Queen was the only card, and with a different back design, from the other cards in a packet of 4 cards. This was followed by a clean 5-card symbol matching effect with a virtual spectator. Jeremy had a Rubik’s Cube mixed with instructions from several virtual spectators. He then mixed a solved Rubik’s Cube to be in the same mixed state as the first Cube. Finally, he solved one Cube within a few moves, and the other one almost instantaneously. His last effect was a confabulation type trick where a spectator freely named a date, a venue and a companion for a vacation. Jeremy showed he already had all this information inside a small red envelope displayed conspicuously right at the start of his performance.

Jeremy showed us his new hobby – kirigami cards, and performed a virtual “Do-As-I- Do” effect with a virtual spectator using a packet of 20 cards in which, despite all the free-hand mixing and turning over of cards, they both ended with the 4 Aces face upwards in a packet of face-down cards.

He closed his segment with more questions and answers from the members.

  - 10 -2 dealer’s demonstrations followed after this. Jeremy Pei displayed “Prince Jack” packet card trick reviewed in the newsletter, and TCC’s “Phantom Pin” where a large safety pin could penetrate a handkerchief without causing any tear. Cassidy Lee showed credit card to instant watch, and various versions of the “Super Triple Coin Set”.

Before the evening ended, 5 lucky members won various magic items, with the fifth prize being the Evolushin (Shin Lim) Magic Set.