Written by John Teo

Award winning magician Peter Wardell was on his way home to the United Kingdom from a convention in Sydney, Australia, when he stopped over for one night in Singapore on 19 September 2011 to give us at Ring 115 a lecture.


The lecture was held in a function room at Bayview Hotel, in which 37 people attended. President John Teo presented Peter Wardell with the Ring 115 bannerette as well as the Ring’s 50th Anniversary souvenir magazine.


Peter started off his lecture by encouraging all of us not to do mere tricks but to present magical effects. We are to take the premise of a trick and make our own presentation around it. In doing this, we find that we can combine other tricks with it to form a routine, or to result in a totally different presentation altogether. Peter then demonstrated 4 effects to illustrate this point.


Against The Grain” was Peter’s take on the classical salt pour. Peter devised a method where the magician could show both hands empty He also showed us how to vanish the salt-shaker, leaving only its cover. Finally, the effect comes around full circle when the vanished salt found its way back into the salt-shaker. It was most interesting to hear the psychology behind the various methods that Peter devised.


The next effect that Peter demonstrated was Ramsey’s cylinder, cork and coins. Four coins vanished one at a time to reappear instead the cylinder beneath the cork. Peter explained the use of the “chopped stack” of coins and the momentum pull which could be adjusted in its length to serve dual purposes.


In the demonstration of a clean version of “3 Card Monte”, Peter introduced the Jerry O’Connell’s wallet. Peter discussed the use of this wallet not as a magic prop, but as an utility item, which could facilitate the working of an effect, but not actually featured in it. It was interesting to know that even a full deck of cards could be switched using this wallet.


A short interval with snacks and coffee followed which allowed members to purchase props, notes and DVDs from Peter as well as to have fellowship with him.


Peter continued after the break with Slydini Silks. He explained the basic techniques and also how to use this effect for watch steals and pick pocketing.


As a finale, Peter performed his signature cups and balls routine, using a leather waist pouch and to an entertaining patter.


Before the evening was over, there were many requests for Peter to pose for photographs with the delegates.




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