Floating Kung Fu Cap FKFC (Beer Bottle Cap)by Peter Morse and Magic Apple

Written by Bernard Sim

The demo for this effect seems a bit too cheesy for me, especially the part with the kung fu pose. Anyway, that’s just me.

This is obviously a combination of the helicard and the karate coin using a bottle cap. The routine itself is not too
bad, considering you get a few effects in one routine. The package comes 2 different normal caps with matching
punctured caps plus the items necessary to perform the routine. You will need to take some time to prepare one of
the items and this item is expandable. If you do this trick a lot, you will have to replace the gimmick eventually but a
generous supply of this gimmick is included in the package.

There is also a manuscript which teaches you how to perform this effect. 2 methods for doing the floating cap and 5
methods/ ideas for doing the non-floating effect are taught. This is probably a strong and easy to do floating effect
but somehow or rather, I don’t have the “wow” feeling. This could be cause by watching the demo before I see the
actual product.

Experience magicians will definitely know the method to accomplish this effect. If you have never done a floating
effect before, this might be a good one for you to start. Rating 3/5.