Written by John Teo

Upper most in a magician’s mind are these two questions:

• Is this just a comedy routine or is there a subtle magic trick incorporated in it?

• What about Devin’s previous product also regarding baby gag entitled “Comedy Card Babies”? If I already own this product, does it make practical sense to purchase this “improved” model?


If you have purchased a Devin Knight’s product, you know what you will receive a comprehensively written set of  instructions. Devin has looked at all possibilities and come out with the most effective presentation for any trick.


This is the case with this Improved/Super Deluxe Baby Gag trick. Devin has taken the popular baby gag and come out with a comedy routine for it, incorporating many new spoken and visual tag-lines. In fact, depending on the performing situation, you can get over six tag-lines involving babies.


It starts with a comedy prediction of a number. This continues with the popular baby prediction of a celebrity. In this effect, you follow up with a series of interesting tag-lines concerning babies. Devin does not stop here. He has made it possible to end with a magical effect. You can end up with an actual photograph of a celebrity freely chosen by

the audience. However, this possibility is easier to realize when performing in USA than elsewhere in the world. This answers the first of our two questions that we stated at the beginning.


Now, for the answer to the second question. Devin’s previous effect of the baby-gag has a different presentation slant. “Comedy Card Babies” is a comedy revelation of a chosen card with the baby-gag thrown in. His latest improved version, “Improved/Super Deluxe Baby-Gag Routine” is all about the comedy prediction of a celebrity with a lot of other gags on babies. I would gladly purchase the two tricks and use them on separate occasions. However, with some careful planning, the “Improved Baby-Gag” effect can be incorporated into the “Comedy Card Babies” trick. You will end up with

the revelation of the chosen card, and where appropriate, can also end with the actual photograph of a celebrity.


Devin has also made many improvements on the baby gag:

• The cards are large so that they are visual on stage.

• The cards are plastic photo-cards and are durable and can be easily cleaned if they are dirty through constant use.

• The cards are actual photographs of babies, not drawings of them – there are four of them for the various gags.

• Devin has devised a way out if an Asian or a native American celebrity is named.


A must-have if you incorporate comedy into your magical act.



4.5/5 stars rating