Written by John Teo

My first reaction is: What? Another packet trick! Another 4 aces trick! Another color changing back packet trick! But this one is different! It is different because it has a delightful presentation.

In effect, you say that you never lose in any gambling game. To illustrate, you take out the 4 aces and have one chosen. This

chosen ace is shown to be the only odd colour back (say blue) because the backs of the other 3 aces are of a different colour (say, red).

What happens if one of the red back aces is chosen instead? You take out one red back ace, and you show that you still win because the other 3 aces are now shown to be of blue backs!

Actually, you quickly add, it does not matter even if any of the other 2 aces are chosen. You then turn each of them around to show a yellow and a green back respectively! This is a quick trick and is very colourful!

The handlings are quite simple. You get both a printed manuscript as well as a DVD with Daryl performing and explaining the effect. Daryl also includes a more advanced handling which makes the colour change even more mystifying. All the necessary cards are supplied.

A quick, fun and colourful packet trick with triple climaxes!


(5/5 stars rating)