DIA-MONTE by Diamond Jim Tyler

Written by John Teo


The three card monte has become a classic in magic. The trick involves three cards where spectators continually fail to find the odd card among them which is usually a queen or an ace.

Many variations have been put up in the market by famous names in magic. They all involve different presentations and handlings. Diamond Jim Tyler’s “Dia-Monte” is the best among them.


In effect, the performer displays a queen and two jokers. A spectator continually fails to locate the queen. Performer confesses that he uses a special card with a joker on one side and a queen on the other side. Magically, the queen vanishes and all three cards are jokers. In the end the three cards can be examined.


Dia-Monte has the following advantages over other versions:

• No palming, switches or multiple push-offs; minimal sleight-of-hand is required

• It can be performed without any table and is ideal for walk about magic

• Although the three cards are prepared, there are no specially printed cards used

• The visual vanish of the queen and instant appearance of the third joker is what set this version apart from the others


You receive an instructional DVD and all the necessary cards. Diamond Jim Tyler teaches an interesting disposal of the special gimmick so that all three cards can be examined by the spectators.


5/5 stars rating!