Romhany's Multiplying Bottle Routine by Paul Romhany

Written by Alvin Terence

As stated on the DVD cover, this is Paul Romhany’s Multiplying Bottles routine. You will receive an instructional DVD teaching you how to perform this effect Paul Romhany’s way. The Multiplying Bottles set is not supplied.

So what is so special about Paul’s routine anyway? Paul performs a Charlie Chaplin silent magic act in which he dresses exactly like the famed character. Because he does not patter, he conceives this clever idea of performing this trick by listening to a recorded set of instructions. As the instructions are played out audibly to the spectators, he performs the trick. This is an interesting and creative slant to the usual way of performing this effect. An audio CD with both a male and a female voice-over is included with the DVD. The routine is basically the Ken Brooke routine, and uses the standard 9 bottles set.

The product may seem overpriced considering the fact that it does not come with the Multiplying Bottles set. However, Paul shows you step by step in the DVD how to perform the entire routine. He gives you two different angles of performance: one from the audience’s point of view, and the other from the performer’s point of view. If you posses the Multiplying Bottles set and have difficulty following the written instructions, you will find this DVD to be of great help. Even if you do not want to use the voice-over, you can use this DVD to learn the complete routine with you providing the patter.

An important part of the DVD is Paul’s tips on the Multiplying Bottles. You will learn how to make your bottles as well as the tumblers look better on stage, how to make your own tubes, and how you can pour a drink out of a bottle into the tumbler at the end of the effect.

(4/5 stars rating)