Infinity Bend by Eric Ross

Written by Alvin Terence

The bending of metal cutleries has become a classic in magic. Coin bending is fast following on its footsteps. There are now diverse methods of accomplishing the bending of metal coins. This is yet another method.

The benefits of this method are:

• The coin can be seen to bend visually without any cover
• The bending can be accomplished one handed
• The bending can take place at the finger tips
• No expensive equipment is required

You will receive just a DVD of instructions – there are no devices or gimmicks included. A gimmick is needed and you are taught how to construct it in the DVD. Properly performed, this is a very visual coin bend. A coin can be borrowed and the bent coin can be fully examined. Eric teaches you a basic and then an advanced method of handling. Brandon Williams teaches you another advanced method of handling the coin and gimmick.

As an added bonus, Eric shows you how to gimmick the coins to perform the classic coin matrix on a hard surface.

(4/5 stars rating)