Permanent by Chris Ballinger

Written by Alvin Terence

This is a trick using a Sharpie permanent marker.

In effect, you show a permanent Sharpie marker with the brand name “Sharpie” permanently printed on both sides of the pen. A spectator tries but cannot rub off the ink of the brand name. You can: you first rub off the Sharpie name on one side of the pen, then on both sides. You then magically restore the brand name on one side of the marker and hand it out for examination.

A bonus effect is taught in which you can magically “pull” the printed “e” at the end of “Sharpie” to one end of the marker. The pen can also be handed out for examination.

You are supplied with the instructional DVD and the necessary gimmicks. Strictly speaking, these are the tools for you to make up the gimmick, not the gimmick itself. One of the gimmicks is actually a transportation device for the marker.

The instructions are clear and the video is of good quality. However, there is nothing revolutionary new with the effect. It makes use of a standard sleight with pen or pencil which most of us would probably already know. Two other variations of the sleight are also taught.

Two other bonus effects are included. One is a basic ambitious card routine and another one is a signed coin inside a ball of yarn. Strictly speaking, these tricks are not part of Permanent. The marker is simply used to sign the chosen card and the borrowed coin respectively. The instructions advocate that when you bring out the marker to mark the card or the coin, you then start to perform “Permanent”. After this, you go right back to the original effect and continue from there. I feel that the disruption caused by performing “Permanent” does not do justice to the continuation of the original routine. I prefer to perform “Permanent” as a trick by itself, leave the pen for examination by the spectator, and then go to the ambitious card or the coin routine. In this case, the spectators get to see two different effects instead of seeing one trick and another one “by-the-way” sort of trick. The spectator can use the marker to mark the card or coin.

Properly performed, this can have a good effect on the spectators.

(3.5/5 stars rating.)