Sanda-Panda Box by Devin Knight

Written by Alvin Terence

It is a 6” x 6” x 4” ungimmicked cardboard box. With it, you can perform magic such as:

• A card is randomly formed by a spectator naming a value and another one naming a suit. Inside the box is a deck of cards and a prediction stating the correct position in the deck where the named card can be found.
• A male spectator calls out a lady’s name. Inside the box is a rose with a note attached to it that contains the exact name of the lady.
• A spectator names a random page number. Inside the box is a small book. The spectator turns to the named page number and notes the first word on that page. This word is prediction on a folded piece of paper inside the box.

At least a couple more equally impressive effects are described and explained. The strong point of the Sanda Panda Mystery Box is that everything can be left for examination.

Although the cardboard box itself is ungimmicked, a standard mentalist’s tool (supplied) is employed. Properly performed, you can create incredible mental routines that leave a strong impression in the minds of the spectators. As with other Devin Knight products, you get a comprehensive set of written instructions that cover every aspect of handling and performance. This Box is an utility item. You can use it to create your own routines. Devin also describes two routines that do not utilise the supplied gimmick.

(4/5 stars rating)