F*ck Street Magic #1 - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Before you press the start button to play the DVD, make sure that there are no kids around as it contains blue humor and adult language.

The effects shown are quite good but the patter may be offensive to some people. I don’t think you can ask a stranger where her G-spot is! Nor talk to a lady stranger about condoms or even ask if she like sex? I don’t think I can use Todd Diamonds patter at all.

There are only 3 effects in the DVD. They are:

A non-gimmicked version of the marketed effect “NFW” (a very short routine)

A spellbound coin routine (the only routine that is not vulgar and last only 20 seconds) . This routine requires some special coins and gimmick. Nice.

An ambitious card routine which keeps mentioning about G-spot.

The routines taught are decent. Explanations are very clear and you wouldn’t have problem learning the effects. There is also an interview with james Dimmare which last for about 29 mins. Some good tips here from the interview.

If you don’t mind the adult content, buy it. But if you can’t accept adult language, you can always use the routines and add your own patter. 3.5/5 

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