Wicked World Of Liam Montier Vol 2 - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

The effects taught in this volume are

  • Measles – A wild card effect whereby a card with spots magically transfer its spots to other cards. Examinable at the end of the routine.
  • Coin in Case – A coin penetrates in and out of the cellophane of a card case.
  • Little Miss Show -  A short ambitious card routine which can be incorporated to any ambitious card routine.
  • Sock-it! - Coin penetrates a sock, variation of coin in handkerchief from Bobo coin magic.
  • Bandit – 4 ace production, one at a time. Performer deals down card one at a time from a shuffle deck, spectator calls stop at 4 different location and the aces are produced from these locations. This will take some practice to pull off.
  • Smiling Queen – A gag by making creases on the face of a note, tilting the note back and forth will cause the face to frown or smile. The effects ends with a big smile and glasses printed on the note. Very cute.
  • Sleeve Assembly – A 4 ace assembly that requires no gimmicks though a quick set-up is needed.
  • Corker – A miniature bottle with a cork. When the cork is taken out, it becomes a normal size cork which is too big to fit the bottle. A prediction can also be added into the bottle for an additional effect.
  • Card Deck Case – Card effect using 4 aces. 4 aces are found underneath a card case, it is then mixed into the deck but is found under the card case again.
  • Happy Monte – A 3 card monte that is very similar to color monte. Smilies are use instead of colors.
  • Only Joking – Another 4 ace production (Liam Montier seems to like effects using 4 aces) ending with 2 black aces and 2 red aces changing places.
  • Card thru Bag – A selected card is lost in the deck. Deck is then put inside a clear bag and the selected card slowly melts through the bag. Very nice and visual effect. This is similar to Card in Handkerchief from “Expert at the card table” book by Erdnase.

Like the first volume, this DVD has various interesting materials to suit anyone. Explanations are short and clear. 3.5/5 


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