The Works by Steve Dobson - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

A total of 7 routines are included in this DVD. Actually, not really 7 as I consider one of them to be a move rather than a routine. Two of them coins and the rest are cards. Out of the 4 card routines, 1 of them uses a full deck whereas the rest are packet tricks.

All the routines are doable. Some routines require gimmicks which most magicians will own. Most of the routines are short and they are suitable in restaurant settings. The effects are interesting and I like them.

If you are doing restaurant work, you might want to take a look at this DVD. If you’re a hobbyist, I’m sure you’ll use some of the packet trick.

Rating 3.5/5. Though this is a short DVD, it’s still worth investing in it.


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