The Taiji Coin Vanish & Other Mysteries by Allen Zingg - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

Allen Zingg applies the knowledge he has in Taiji into coin magic. With this move you can vanish a coin and you can spread your fingers implying an empty hand. Allen Zingg teaches the method in a precise and slow (too slow for my taste) manner.

I felt that this vanish is nothing earth shattering. Its kinda risky in certain situation. There are other sleight which may be similar to this vanish, one that comes to my mind now is the Mutobe Palm. Though you are able to do a complete vanish, the movements will involve your entire body.

For the Taiji Coin Vanish Plus, a gimmick coin is used. I feel that this is redundant because if you were to gimmick that coin, you don’t have to use the Taiji Vanish move. There are other methods which looks better. The gimmick coin used here is not new. Many magicians have put out many versions in the market. 

Besides this vanish, other routines are included. These are a coins across, a 4 coin vanish one at a time and a method of palming a card while doing a shuffle. 

I feel this is a very slow DVD and I wish Mr. Allen Zingg can speak a little faster. If you are just into coin magic, I don’t think this is for you. There are other better methods out there. 

Rating 2/5


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