The Plot Thickens by Oliver Meech - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

I’ve got this book for sometime already waiting to be reviewed. How I wish I’d review it earlier.

This is a very interesting book with many interesting effects. Most of them are not too difficult to do and most magicians would be able perform them. The book is divided into 4 sections; Cards, Coins, Mind and Miscellaneous.

One of the effects in the card section will seemingly make your spectator invisible to others. The concept is similar to Slydini’s Paper ball over the head. This should be interesting to your spectators and you will be able to milk it for more laughter.

In the Coin section, there is an effect that plays with the spectator’s sense of touch. Besides this, there is also a version of a coin in a sealed soda can that is very easy to do.

The rest of the effects use interesting stuffs such as bubbles, guitar plectrum, bottle, plastic teeth, jelly beans, pen, photographs, bills, sugar cube, sandpaper and more. By looking at the stuff that is used, you should know that the effects would be very interesting. This book is highly recommended.

Rating 4.5/5.


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