Lunch Date by Paul Romhany - DVD

Written by John Teo

The “Out To Lunch” principle allows whatever is depicted on a piece of paper to change partially even though the piece of paper is initially seen and signed by a spectator.  A creative person can use this concept to make the picture of an object vanish, appear or change its state.  In this DVD, Paul Romhany shows you more than half a dozen different routines using the “Out To Lunch” principle.  These effects are taken from a book he co-wrote earlier with T C Tahoe entitled “Lunch Is Served”.

It begins with a description of the original “Out To Lunch” effect.  Paul then goes on to perform and explain the following routines:
• Time Change – picture of a clock changes to match a time randomly set on a wrist watch
• 8 Ball Production – a close-up version of Kevin James’ bowling ball from drawing pad
• Business Card Switcharoo – a multi-phase routine where the signature of a spectator on a business card changes place with that of the performer
• Envelope OTL -  “Out To Lunch” using envelopes, this enables a bill to vanish, or be switched, and this leads easily to bill in orange
• Fork and Spoon – picture of a fork change places with that of a spoon
• Coin On Card – a coin vanishes and reappears drawn onto a piece of card
• Cookies Fortune – a parlour or stage version where a picture of a fortune cookie reveals a freely chosen number, colour and a fortune cookie fortune

The DVD is well produced, and Paul does a marvelous job in performing and explaining the effects.  The various applications of the “Out To Lunch” principle should encourage you to come out with your own routines.  (4.5/5 stars rating)

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