Identity (With Gimmicks) by Richard Sanders

Written by John Teo

This is an unusual but powerful trick.  In effect, a card is chosen and marked, and is shuffled back into the deck.  Performer draws a series of random short lines and curves with a marker on the back of an indifferent card.  These marks visually jump from one card to another.  Finally, they vanish and reappear on the back of the chosen card.  As a final kicker, you cause these marks to magically morph into the name of the spectator who chose the card!  She can then keep this card as a souvenir.

You do not need to know the name of the spectator in advance.  Richard teaches you how you can approach a total stranger and yet perform this effect where the random marks transform into his or her name.

The instructions are in a DVD and you are supplied with a gimmick card.  You need to have some basic to intermediate card handling skills.  However, everything is taught, and taught well, in the DVD.  Richard gives several variations to the sleights used so that you can choose the handling that is most suitable for you.  The DVD runs for almost two hours and includes valuable tips, subtleties and the psychology behind each move.

Four versions are taught in the DVD:
1) Identity Extended: where the random marks jump from card to card before landing on the chosen card;
2) Identity Condensed: where the random marks jump straight to the chosen card;
3) Identity Maxed Out: Richards shows you how to further gimmick the gimmick card so as to cut down on some sleights;
4) Identity Impromptu: how to do the same effect without using any gimmick card.

With proper practice, this will be one of the most talk-about tricks in your performing repertoire.  (5/5 stars rating).

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