Cherry Cola Queen by Liam Montier - Book

Written by Bernard Sim

When I first flipped through this booklet, I was thinking “Man, this looks crappy!”.  I then put it away. A few weeks later, I decide to read this book again and boy was I wrong. There are many unique effects using different props, from snooker ball, playing cards, cigarettes, business cards, greeting cards, compact disc and even  taps. One of the effect uses a party popper which enables the performer to apparently fire twice on the same popper.

Snookered is my favorite. This routine uses a snooker ball as a prediction; the performer plays a game of snooker using a set of cards with snooker balls printed on it. At the end, the remaining card/ ball matches the prediction. Easy and fun to do.

Not all effects are good; some are just in his development phase. But most of them are usable and not that difficult to do. You may not use all the effects in this booklet but I’m very sure you can find something suitable for you.

Recommended. 4/5


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