Celltic by David Kemsley - DVD

Written by Bernard Sim

When I first saw the performance segment of the DVD, I was impressed. This seems like something that most people will want to do. After I viewed the explanation part, I find the method to be just ok. Let me explain what I mean.

The ad states that this is impromptu, this is true, that is after you have prepared your mobile phone. There are no forces on the card and you can perform this alone without helpers. But I don’t think you can do this anywhere (as stated in the ad), there are certain conditions (such as performance area and the glass used for supporting the phone) that have to be met before you can perform this. The video’s quality is not very good as it is probably homemade but would not be a problem when comes to learning the effect. This won’t work on all phones, it’ll depend on the location of the camera lens on the phone. Nice idea.

Rating 3.5/5


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